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"Energy Shock" is a turn-based action game with roguelike elements. In-game attack and movement are combined. Whenever you want to attack, you have to move forward. Attack also means you will enter the enemy‘s range. Fortunately, the damage will hit back enemy, because of the limited space, how to keep distance from the enemy has become the core of the strategy. Ending the round automatically after each round of use of the card also makes your choice crucial. Be prepared, then suffer!

steam page is alive now!



The following picture shows the attack. If you use the attack card, you will move forward. If you encounter enemy it will damage enemy and hit back enemy. 
As shown in the gif, you use the attack card of attack 3, after moving 1 grid, it deals 2 damage to the enemy, and the damage decreases with distance.
Not all attack cards are closer to each other, the higher the damage, the more the attack card is, the higher the damage is, and some cards only cause damage to a specific distance.
There are more than 80 different attack cards and over 30 skill cards in the game to discover.


In addition to card out, each class has its own unique skills that can be used with an attack card.For example, if your attack card can't hit the enemy, you can use professional skills to control the enemy on your attack range.

This way you can easily beatthe enemy.
The game now has 3 characterto choose from, and the official version will be updated to 8 character.


The map of the game is randomly generated, so each game can experience a different experience.The monsters in the map are related to the world. If you explore them carefully, you will find the second place.


In addition to cards and skills, each game can also purchase items in the store to strengthen your deck.But your backpack has only 6 grids and you must buy the items carefully.

our team only have two member,we'll try our best~

StatusIn development
GenreStrategy, Card Game
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese


Buy Now$9.00 USD or more

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Game looks gorgeous, but I can't play! There's no instance of oNewMapGen right after your splash screen -- same error as people below. Hopefully you can get it sorted, would love to play!

new version has uploaded.thanks for the comment.

Current version appears to be broken.  Everyone is experiencing the same issue Majbeef did.  Always be certain that an instance exists before attempting to access its properties.

The problem was fixed.try new version.


The most recent update seems to have broken the exe. 

Within a few seconds of boot a debug appears with the following:

action number 1
of Create Event
for object oBattleBg1:

Unable to find any instance for object index '116' name 'oNewMapGen'
at gml_Object_oBattleBg1_Create_0"

sorry for that,but it works fine on my computer.do you try to close the game and restart?is the game always crash?

anyway i will check it out.

Hi! Thank you for the quick reply!

Yes, I even redownloaded the .exe file after a few crashes, and that didn't work either. If you have any suggestions then I can try them out later on today to try and get it working.

is this debug appears after you encouter the monster?after you chose the fight option?

do you pressed some keyboards?or do something special?cause i can't figure it out what the problem is.i checked my code,the object oNewMapGen is definite created, it can't be wrong.

can i have your windows os info?or do you downloaded  and played the earlier version on your PC?or is your system language is not english?

i don't know man.but we will upload a new demo soon,so maybe you can try then..sorry it seems i can't fix it now.


It happens before a monster, actually, it happens just after the Meow.

Am running Intel Core i7-7590k @ 4GHz, 4Ghz. 16GB Ram, Windows 10 64-bit. Computer is in English. Have only use the most recent download.

 Full body of error is visible in the GIF below, you can also see how early it happens.  It definitely looks like the error is due to the absence of an object 116. But, if this is only happening for me then... I'm unsure. 

Do you have an earlier build available which can be uploaded?

Thanks for the picture! i fixed it ...you can try new version now.


哈哈哈 隐藏的很深


It has a lot of potential, great strategy card game! I like this card game, got a lot of fun from each round. Card combination will affect the consequence, player needs consider card oerders to attack and defend, chose a best  solution to win. By the way, u guys need improve and add some special effects during the combat. Hope u can do better . 

Cool cool cool~

I realy love this Game!!! Very interesting card game, hope follow-up can add more elements, look forward to your new version!!

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This is a neat little game! I enjoyed the artstyle and aestic, it's very simple and clean but detailed enough to make it interesting to look at. The combat and mechanics of the card based battles are pretty in depth and there's a good bit of decision making to be had! I'm really looking forward to seeing more! Keep up the great work!

Appreciate for this video!

And yes we are developers from China, thanks for play this game, we will make it more better.